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Frequently asked Questions:


How long will my dentures last?

There is not a removable prosthesis made for the mouth that is permanent.
The mouth is constantly changing.
On average a partial or a denture may be expected to last about 5 years.

Why are my dentures becoming loose?

If your dentures are over 5 years old and if they have not been relined every 2 years you probably will have some problems with the fit of your dentures.

Your gum tissue and jaw bone shrink with time. This causes the denture to become loose resulting in a poor fit. A visit to your denturist for an oral health examination will determine the cause of your ill-fitting dentures.

How long will the implants for my (dentures over implants) last?

Reports show many implants lasting 20 years or a life time with proper care and regular yearly check ups at your dental professional. These are the factors which could reduce the life expectancy of your implants:

»   your general health
»   oral hygiene
»   smoking
»   grinding your teeth

Some parts of the implants may need replacing with time because of wear or deterioration. The dentures themselves should be replaced every 5 years and a relined every 2 years.

Why is there such a wide range in the cost of a denture?

Cost = Quality A quality, well fitting, and natural looking denture takes time to make and costs more.

I had immediate dentures made a week ago. I seem to be having some difficulties getting use to my new dentures. Is this normal?

Learning to chew satisfactorily with new dentures takes 6-8 WEEKS.
The tongue, cheek, and lip muscles must be TRAINED to keep the dentures in place during chewing and speaking.

The successful use of your dentures depends on you and the effort you put forth to master them. To learn to eat with your new teeth will take PRACTICE,PATIENCE and DETERMINATION.

Start with SOFT foods CUTTING everything into small pieces rather than trying to bite with your front teeth as this will dislodge the denture.

THICKNESS in your speech and perhaps a LISP are also common symptoms which will usually correct itself in a short period of time.

SORE spots may also develop and these can be easily relieved by your denturist.

Hundreds of thousands of people wear dentures with ease and in time you too will feel comfortable, secure and successful in wearing your dentures.

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